A team of developers, designers and strategists who are driven by a passion for innovative thinking that is rightly blend with the necessary expertise, successfully collaborating with our customers/end users to ultimately deliver a product with a value of empowerment. Currently, we are based in 2 countries FRANCE and INDIA.


The forward traction with the thought triggered in the right direction, we have ventured into Defence and commercial segments. Heading towards the juncture of changing gears, we have developed an in-house drone platform, conceptualising the stability drone and have also developing a landmine tracking system along with  underwater drones. We are strategically focusing on the defence sector.

Current R&D Focus


Drone services aggregator platform Watch this space for official release.

Defence Projects

Smart and futuristic defense products for Army, Navy and Airforce.

Stability Drone

Conceptualizing drone that withstands extreme climatic condition.

International Marketing /JV

Leveraging mutual market opportunities for European Union and Indian Products/Companies.

Our Defence Projects



GPS Based Landmine tracking system

Underwater Autonomous Vehicles

Underwater Autonomous Vehicles

Mapping and surveillance applications

Our Affiliations